HTC Touch Diamond Release Delayed in Europe Until June 23

Anyone hoping to get their hands on the Touch Diamond this month in Europe will have to hold their horses. HTC looks to be delaying the launch of its touchy-touchy titchy phone until the end of the month.

HTC Touch Diamond™ - Delay In Stock Delivery
Due to circumstances beyond our control the estimated delivery date for the HTC Touch Diamond™ of the 9th June will not be met. Please rest assured that HTC have provided us with a new worse case scenario delivery date of 23rd June.

We would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Mobility Today claims, it is to do with a ROM update. If HTC needs to update the chip-embedded firmware, then it's a big problem, but if it's just an electronic firmware update, then it's not so bad. Still, that's a two-week delay, folks. [Mobility Today]

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