How 'Ultimate' is ESPN's Ultimate Remote? (Verdict: Not So Ultimate )

Last month ESPN unveiled a remote that they dubbed "The Ultimate." But here is the thing—if you are going to be bold enough to make a claim like that right in the name of the product, you had damn well better be able to back it up. Unfortunately, PC Magazine believes that the device falls well short of expectations.

On the plus side, the inherent ESPN-ness of the remote will undoubtedly appeal to hardcore fans. It even goes so far as to play the ESPN theme song in Tim The "Tool Man" Taylor's famous grunt when you turn on the TV. Convenient features like a "learning mode" to customise functions and a programing setting that will allow you to perform multiple tasks in a single keystroke were also nice touches. However, for US$300, you will be getting a device that is fairly difficult to set up, uncomfortable to hold, and includes an underwhelming W-Fi experience with a small screen and plain old WAP browsing.

All in all, PC Mag felt that you would be better off with a Logitech Harmony One as an "ultimate remote control." Not a bad idea when you consider that it can be had for at least US$50 less than ESPN's remote. [PC Mag]

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