Ergonomic Workstation: The Ultimate in Geeky Gaming Comfort

The Ergonomic Workstation from Ergo Motions may look like a dentist's chair, but I must say that if my dentist had this thing in his office, I would be in there for a root canal right away. Ergo Motions mission is to help gamers and heavy workstation users avoid the repetitive stress injuries and posture issues that often result from sitting on your arse and typing away on a computer all day. The Ergonomic Workstation Phase I prototype appears to do that—and much more.


•Industrial rack mounted hardened PC
•Two 19" Digital monitors
•7.1 surround sound system
•Wireless network capability
•Ergonomic keyboard and mouse
•Video conferencing capability with a built-in camera
•VOIP with full telephony features
•Articulating calf support (programmable to reduce DVT)
•Mechanically adjustable armrests
•Mechanically adjustable head rest and monitors
•Pneumatically inflatable lumbar and headrest bladders
•Mechanically reclining motion to 38 degrees
•Mechanically adjustable seat depth (knee to hip)
•Mechanically retractable monitors
•Swing away keyboard (manual)
•Form fitting seatback, armrests and seat cushion
•Memory chair presets via proprietary Motion Control Board/Software
•Compact design using twelve square feet of floor space

As I mentioned earlier, the Ergonomic Workstation is currently in a prototype phase so the when, where and how much information is not yet known. But I wouldn't be surprised if it was far too expensive for the average lazy geek to afford. [Ergo Motions via Born Rich]

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