eDimensional's Ben Heck 1-Hand New Access Controller Now Available

Ben Heck of modding fame follows up his 5.1 headset for eDimensional with a one-handed PS3/PS2/PC controller. Although it's made for disabled gamers to play games they otherwise couldn't on a standard DualShock gamepad because of the swappable control modules, it's also very useful for regular gamers who need something they can handle with one hand while eating.

I remember an old SNES controller that was one-handed that was perfect for playing RPGs with if your other hand was busy with a burger. This would be just as good when Final Fantasy 13 is finally released in 2012. US$129 gets you one, with a portion of the profits going towards children's hospitals and veteran's affairs medical centres. [eDimensional via Kotaku]

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