eBay Hates The ACCC, You, Other Sellers; Likes Profits, Lies

ebay greed.jpg

Despite the ACCC's draft ruling and eBay's subsequent delay of their plans to force all sellers to use PayPal and cash on delivery as their only methods of payment, APC is reporting that eBay are actually cutting off seller's options now.

Apparently, when sellers go to list their items for sale, their hit with a notice that tells them that:

"All items listed for sale on eBay.com.au on or after 17 June 2008 will be subject to the following changes:

  • You must offer PayPal on your listings.

  • Pay on pick up (ie paid for when picking up the item) can be offered in conjunction with PayPal.

  • No other payment methods can be added to your listing."

  • The official response from eBay was that this was a mistake, caused by the fact that delaying the Paypal-only scheme is a complex matter that requires a fair amount of work.

    I'm sure eBay sellers disagree. Considering eBay has stated that they'll fight the ACCC's decision, this definitely has an aroma of "up yours" to it.


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