Dyson Pursuing Electric Cars UPDATED

Vacuums, done. Hand driers, done. Now James Dyson is turning his attentions elsewhere. He thinks that he can build a better engine for electric cars. And his plan seems reasonable enough...

As of now, Dyson uses the patented Dyson Digital Motor in both the aforementioned vacuums and air blade. A lightweight motor that turns 10,000 times a minute—a stat that's said to put Formula 1 cars to shame—James Dyson believes that the technology could be modified to create a pretty decent electric car engine. And he has his engineering staff on the task.

Other details are scarce, but Dyson will probably not create a car, preferring to partner with a major auto manufacturer instead. And he also feels that solar power is a viable option, given that most of us park our cars for eight hours a day. [Independent via core77][Source image from Time]

UPDATE: Dyson is now denying any plans "to create an electric car." Whether or not that includes an engine can be your semantical debate.

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