Do You Feel Lucky, Punk? Complete Dirty Harry Blu-Ray Collection Arrives June 3

Do you feel lucky, punk? Do ya? Does Blu-Ray have five years left before digital distribution knocks it out of commission, or just four? So I ask again: Do you feel lucky? Annnnd, scene. Anyway, all kidding aside, this immense collection of all things Dirty Harry arrives on store shelves (brick and mortar, digital or otherwise) in a mere two days. It includes a bunch of released, updated and never before released stuff, including—wait, what's that there? A badge?!

Product Description

Includes all five Dirty Harry films: all special features on the Dirty Harry Special Edition and Deluxe Editions plus additional special features and contents specific to the Ultimate Collector's Edition. Bonus Feature-Length documentary Clint Eastwood: Out of the Shadows; a 40+ page hardcover book; Wallet w/metal badge and removable laminated I.D. card; Five 5x 7 Reproduction Lobby Poster Cards plus an exclusive UCE card; Scorpio Portrait of a Killer Poster-Sized (19 x 27) map of San Francisco detailing Harry's hunt for the killer; Never-Before-Seen Production Correspondence

A map and a badge? Sounds like it was a good day to wear my vigilante pants. [Amazon]

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