Developers Are Laughing At Windows Mobile

Jason Chen:

Apple's come up with a "better" solution, which is a Push notification service for all developers. Example: when you're running an IM app, you're actively connected to the server. When you're not running it, the notification service will maintain an IP connection with the server, which will push updates to various apps. Developers can push badges, which tells you how many alerts are waiting, custom alert sounds, and custom textual alerts (like the SMS alert currently).

B. Lam:

Task managers: Madness. Instead:

Jason Chen:

He's showing off Windows Mobile and its Task Manager. The iPhone lovers are laughing at this. HA. HA. HA. And clapping. They're really loving it now.

Jason Chen:

"The wrong solution that some phones jump to is background processes." The reasons he's listing is battery life and performance, which both degrade faster when you have something else running in the background.

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