Denon Ditches Subwoofer Launches DHT-FS5 Soundbar In Australia

Denon DHT-FS5 CC.jpg

Last month, Blam gave us a lightning review of the DHT-FS3 soundbar from Denon, and this month, we're seeing the DHT-FS5 land in Australia. The difference between the two units, aside from the number at the end of the product code, is that the FS5 doesn't feature an external subwoofer for those lower frequencies.

Considering that Brian's opinion of the FS3 was that the bass gets a little cloudy at higher volumes, I'm not entirely convinced that ditching the sub would correct this. At the same time though, the people interested in buying a soundbar generally aren't the hardcore audiophiles who rely on pristine sound with a full range.

The FS5 comes in both black and silver to match your setup and costs $999.


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