Dalek Hidden Camera is the Worst Way to Spy on Time Lords

Fans of British sci-fi favourite Doctor Who might be wary of conscripting a Dalek to do security work for them, but if you enjoy a little REC-ORD-ING along with your EXT-ERM-IN-AT-ION, you can now do just that. Wil Harris of ChannelFlip got to play with the Dalek security cam, which was built by a “top secret London security firm” for an “anonymous client.”

While the secrecy is most likely related to shame and embarrassment more than danger and intrigue, the “toy” is actually a pretty impressive piece of hardware. The camera can transmit high quality streaming video to a flat panel-equipped base station over 300 feet away, where it is recorded to a hard drive for playback and/or incrimination. Because of the top secret nature of the project the price is a matter of speculation, but Harris estimates a build cost in excess of US$1,500, which means that there must be some serious shit going down at Doctor Who conferences. [ChannelFlip]