Canon EOS Digital Rebel XS: A Great DSLR For Cost-Conscious Noobs

Canon Japan today unveils the EOS Digital Rebel XS, a little brother to the critically praised Rebel XSi DSLR camera. This is good news for everyone but Nikon. When I reviewed the Canon XSi, the only thing that saddened me was its price tag, US$200 more than the Nikon D60, but with enough performance to merit the step up. The XS can do almost everything the XSi can do, with a few trade-offs for what sounds like a US$200 price drop. Update: DETAILED spec comparison chart below.

AU: Locally this will be the EOS 1000D and succeed the 400D. It will hit shelved in late July for an RRP that is still yet to be determined, although there is an event on July 1 that should announce all that stuff. I'll keep you posted.

Canon Rebel XS_Back_S.jpgCanon Rebel XS_Front_B2.jpgCanon Rebel Xs_Front_B3.jpgCanon Rebel XS_S3.jpgCanon Rebel XS_Front_B1.jpgCanon Rebel Xs_Back_B.jpgCanon Rebel XS_front_S2jpg.jpgCanon Rebel Xs_Front_S1.jpg

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