Best Buy Testing Free E-Waste Recycling Program (No Catches, So Far)

It's rare we get to write something positive about Best Buy, but here goes! It's testing a free e-waste recycling program in 117 stores in eight states (Update: Here's the detailed list, thanks Loop!). You can bring in two items a day, like computers, monitors, TVs up to 32 inches, etc., even if it didn't originally come from Best Buy. They'll also take away your junk if you have a shiny new thing delivered. Okay, two gripes.

It's not nationwide (yet) and the 32-inch restriction on TVs is bogus. Other than that, way to be responsible, Best Buy! The key to getting people to recycle e-waste (or anything) is to make it convenient and free—if Wal-Mart started up a free, nationwide e-waste recycling program, we'd really be in business. And they should as a basic responsibility, given how much of it walks through their doors. I just hope Best Buy isn't using one of those super shady recycling outfits that poisons their workers.

AU: e-waste is a huge problem down here as well - it would be great to see some local companies getting on board. Harvey Norman? Myer? JB Hifi? Good Guys? Come on, we're looking at you...


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