ATI's Latest Radeon Graphics Card (HD 4850) Benchmarked: Mid-Range, As Expected

ATI's next line of Radeon graphics cards—the RV770-based 4800 series—doesn't officially launch until June 25, but Hot Hardware's got benchmarks already on the first shot, the mid-range US$199 Radeon HD 4850. It's prompted a response from Nvidia in the form of the US$229 GeForce 9800 GTX+, a speedier version of the 9800 GTX on a smaller manufacturing process. But that's just jibber jabber—the benchmarks show it's a pretty decent mid-range card, for now.

The performance is pretty on par with the pricepoint—it edges out the currently more expensive GTX 9800 (the revamped plus version wasn't available yet, so that'll be interesting) though it struggles against the 3870 X2 (which is two cards in one) and Nvidia's fresh-off-the-boat and doubly expensive GTX 260. If you're in the market for a mid-range ATI card, this might be it, but I'd wait for a showdown against the similarly priced 9800 GTX+ if possible. [Hot Hardware]

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