ATC5K: We're Way Too Chicken to Use this Helmet Camcorder

We're not really that extreme. Wait...we're on the internet and can be whoever we want to be...

We're so fucking XTREME. When we skydive without parachutes into our kayaks, we always tape our adventures on the Oregon Scientific ATC5K camera! Sure, its 640 x 480 resolution at 30fps doesn't sound amazing, but it can withstand rain and snow while recording our adventures on an SD card. And once we've exhausted our supply of 50% Red Bull/50% Mt. Dew out of our CamelBac, we can relive the adrenaline rush by watching our adventures on the ATC5K's 1.5-inch screen!! (A rarity in helmet cams.) For the rest of you couch potatoes, the ATC5K will be available for US$199 this August.

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