Atari Founder Nolan Bushnell to be Portrayed by Leonardo Dicaprio

A movie based on Nolan Bushnell's founding of Atari was sold to Paramount on Friday and Leonardo Dicaprio is set to play the lead. Most people remember Bushnell for Atari, but I remember him for the scathing pit of rancid pizza and yuppie spawn called Chuck E. Cheese.

When the local mall's Gap wouldn't take me as a sales associate, I got a job at Chuck E. Cheese for US$4 an hour stamping a greasy matching digit on the forearms of children and parents alike as a kidnapping security measure. (No one got outside with a kid without the same digits on their paws.) You'd be surprised that the kids weren't scared of a 6-foot rat but thought the rubber stamp was a tazer. Later, the managers realised I would be much more acquiescent to tasks like answering phones and sweeping up than the kids from the wrong side of the tracks in Hackensack, so I got those jobs, too, while everyone else got to sneak in games of Outrun. It was then that I decided I should go to college. By the way, I worked 10 hours shifts and the music soundtrack to the place was 20 minutes long on infinite repeat. [Hollywood Reporter]

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