Aitpek Pocket Projector Can Probably Shine Larger Than Your TV

Continuing an increasingly apparent trend at Computex, Aiptek is planning to show their new PocketCinema V10 mini-projector. Details are still a little slim at the moment, but Aiptek has released a basic spec set, claiming a support for MPEG-4 video,.JPEG stills, a 3-in-1 input jack (that's as specific as they get), 1GB of onboard storage, and SD/MMC/MS Pro expansion capability.

What Aiptek means by 50 inches, though, isn't clear.. A 50-inch image is theoretically possible with any small projector, but not without serious degradation and fade. Since there are no details as to the brightness and resolution of the 3M-based unit the claim must be taken with a grain of salt.


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