AD88 From Alfred Dunhill a Pointless Waste of Piano-Black Finish

Whenever I see some high-end retailer flogging non-core business objects, I wrinkle up my nose in disgust. Chanel, of the non-Cylon No. 5, has been the most visible company to do this with its bikes, skis, and now fishing gear, and this is British gentleman's outfitters, Dunhill's, take on it. The AD88. Not only does it take my initials in vain, but it is almost US$4,000-worth of iPod dock, digital radio and CD/DVD player that, at almost US$4,000 (I guess you tip the doorman the remaining US$5 when you walk out of the shop with it) makes fools of us all.

80W 2.1 digital DSP based stereo system with separate sub-woofer
LF/MF (AM) and FM stereo reception
Band III DAB Digital Radio (where available)
Built-in antenna for local stations
Two assignable antenna sockets
Selection of antenna accessories available
3.5mm digital optical/analogue headphone out
3.5mm aux analogue input (Aux 1)
3.5mm digital optical input (Aux 2)
Mini-DIN input (Aux 3) for docking station
CD/DVD drive accepts CD-DA, CD-R/RW, MP3, WMA, DualDisc, DVD-V, DVDR/RW
S-Video and composite outputs PAL/NTSC
Radio/tone alarm function
Compact infared remote control

There, that's the specs. The only thing that is even slightly eyebrow raise-worthy is that the remote-control is magnetic, so you don't lose it. Come the revolution... [Dunhill via Sybarites]

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