ACCC Drafts Response To eBay's PayPal Only Scheme: No Way!


eBay's plans to bleed sellers dry make their service "more secure" by only allowing Paypal for online payments on Australian auctions has hit a small hurdle - the ACCC.

After asking for submissions in response to eBay's proposed move, and receiving them from the Reserve Bank, Google, and countless other institutions and ebay users, the ACCC yesterday released a draft response to ebay's request for exemption to anti-competitive laws. The response sounds like a polite version of the phrase, "F^&k off".

From ACCC Chairman Graeme Samuel:

"Given eBay's position as Australia's leading online marketplace, the notified conduct will substantially reduce competition to supply online payment services to users of online marketplaces more generally".

According to Australian IT, ebay are waiting to go through the ACCC's draft response before they comment, but hopefully it will be a meek walking away with tails tucked well and truly between their legs.

[Australian IT]

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