What's in the iPhone 3G Box? Not as Much as You Think

With iPhone 3G availability still a month away, inquiring minds can't help but scour the Apple site for clues. After drooling over the 3G and GPS info, we spotted a less tantalising update: the included accessories. Where's the dock, what's up with this cheaper-looking power adaptor, and was it really worth it to include a paperclip replacement?

A quick look at the bottom of Apple's iPhone 3G page shows a rundown of what's actually in the box.
Of course, the first major difference, one that Jesus already outed, was the addition of this SIM ejector tool. Beyond that, we were surprised to see that there's no dock listed. This was an included in the box with the original (way more expensive) iPhone. But now, it's a sold-separately accessory, and probably one that could cost US$50—the current price of an a la carte iPhone dock. What's even more interesting, is the un-clickable link that describes it: "iPhone 3G Universal Dock Adaptor 3-Pack." What the hell does "3-Pack" mean?

The disappearance of the dock from the box, isn't the last thing to change. There is now a whole new power adaptor, one that doesn't look as cool. Yea, it might be more compact, but compared to the old included power adaptor, one that could be fitted with different heads when travelling the world, this thing looks like it's US-only, and cost a few cents to make. Globetrotters, beware of possible added cost.

So why has Apple cut out the fancy included accessories? It could maybe sorta have something to do with that drastic slash in price. And really, it's not the first time Apple has removed in-the-box accessories when a product got cheaper.

Remember when the 4th Generation iPod came out. Before the cheaper 4G iPod, the 3G was packed with in-the-box accessories. A dock, a wired remote, a 4-pin firewire adaptor and a hard-case, were all removed when the 4G took over.

Just as the 4G iPod lacked all those fancy in-the-box accessories, so does the new iPhone 3G. Sure it's not a deal breaker, but it's interesting to see how Apple subtly works its own product costs down, without many of us even noticing.

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