Water-Cooled Grill Supposedly Keeps Meat From Charring

I've always thought that a good char on a burger made it exponentially more delicious, but in case you're worried about carcinogens, Wellbas' water-cooled barbecue grill promises that your slab of meat will come out tender, juicy and completely char-free. Water is pumped from a reservoir through small pipes on the actual grill to keep it cool even as you cook.

After the water finishes its route through the grill plate, it's cooled down again via a heat exchanger before making its way back into the grill. According to Wellbas, the system not only keeps food from turning black, it also lowers the fat content of your steak... supposedly because fat can't drain properly from charred bits.

I'm no Alton Brown, but some of this science sounds kind of iffy. Isn't adding heat to meat the whole point of grilling? If you're grill's getting cooled, I would assume it means the food would just take way longer to cook. Plus, the design doesn't seem to take into account heat distribution—some parts of the grill will be much colder than other parts.

But what do I know? The grill's apparently already won some design awards. Pricing is unlisted on the Wellbas website, but each system looks like it'll cost a couple thousand dollars at least. [Wellbas via Cnet]

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