The Petrol-Powered Blender with Handlebars, For Guys Totally Secure in Their Masculinity

You're a big man, and you're so secure in your manhood that you're not afraid to proclaim your manliness in everything that you do just so everyone knows that you're a man. That's why you'll only make frozen mixed drinks with a blender powered by a 43cc 2-stroke engine that has handlebars for controls. That way, no one will think you're some sort of sissy for drinking a pomegranate margarita. Because even the most manly of men enjoy a fruity frozen beverage with the boys on a hot summer's day. It's exactly the kind of thing you need to get some energy before going out in a roving pack and beating up people who are different from you. I'm a man! [Product Page via GearCrave]

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