Rumour Smashed: Activating iPhone 3G Will NOT Brick Your Old iPhone (And Your Mum Can Activate It From Home)

There's a scary rumour more than a few readers have asked us about, that activating an iPhone 3G would brick your old iPhone. So here's the deal, straight from AT&T. If you activate a new iPhone 3G, your wireless number is obviously ported to it. But can totally give it to your cousin in the boonies where's the no 3G to use as a phone—they just hook it up to their computer, sync it and setup a plan through iTunes just like you did when you brought it home for the very first time. No trips to the AT&T store required. Sweet, eh? If you're greedy and want to hang on to it, then it'll basically become an iPod touch—it'll do everything it used to, sans go on AT&T's network. [Giz Explains iPhone 3G]

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