Padlock Scares Off Thieves With a 100dB Alarm

I have actually been looking for a decent padlock over the last couple of weeks, but so far nothing has suited my needs. While many of these locks would do a fine job of protecting my stuff, I think I was waiting for something a little different. This siren padlock may be just the ticket because it locks up property and it is liable to have a thief shitting bricks when they hear the 100dB alarm.

When the alarm is activated, the padlock will emit a blaring noise for 10 seconds every time it is tampered with. So even if they could get past the hardened steel and zinc-alloy shell, it would hardly be worth the risk. Plus, it is one of the more affordable locks at only US$20. [Siren Padlock via Toolmonger via Boing Boing Gadgets]

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