Money Can't Buy Taste: The Tackiest US$150,000 Home Theatre You'll Ever See

When tacky rich people Tony and Penny Caciolo planned out their home theatre setup, apparently they decided they wanted it to be an homage of their favourite place on Earth: the Italy section of Epcot at Disney World. At least that's what it looks like. This horrifying setup comes complete with fake storefronts and what looks like the champagne room from a Staten Island strip club. And did I mention the pool with a swim-under waterfall that leads to a grotto with a LCD TV inside?

This guy is clearly trying to prove something. His Italian room has a giant screen at 135 inches, but there's also a "Bourbon Street Room" in the basement, which has a 170-inch screen and a full bar. Oh, and then there's the 110-inch drop-down screen and 1080p projector in the bedroom and the 20-foot screen on the side of the house for pool viewing. The entire house is over 15,000 square feet, so as Tony says, "It is a long walk to the main theater!" Oh ho ho, you jokester you! I bet it's tough walking the hallways between your home theatres and having so much time to dwell on how empty you feel inside despite having so much expensive crap in your house!

Be sure to check out the full gallery at Electronic House to see just how ludicrous this house is. [Electronic House]

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