Mobile Phone Addiction Treated at Mental Health Clinic

While most of us are "addicted" to our mobiles, apparently some have it so bad that they're receiving treatment. Two children (ages 12 an 13) were admitted to a mental health clinic to cure what's been labelled as mobile phone addiction. From the Telegraph:

They were brought in after spending an average of six hours a day on their phones, talking, texting or playing games.

Their parents became concerned that the children, aged 12 and 13, were unable to carry out normal activities without their handsets. They were failing at school and deceiving relatives in an attempt to obtain more money for phone cards.

According to the doctors on staff, it's the first time that a "specific" treatment has been used to cure mobile phone addiction. Then again, these are children who are 12 and 13. They seem a lot more like two kids distracted from their school work than strung-out junkies begging for quarters at the side of the road so that they can get their next fix. [telegraph]

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