Lightning Review: The 'Clicky' Das Keyboard Professional

The Gadget: The redesigned Das Keyboard Professional with gold-plated mechanical key switches, n-key rollover, two USB ports and blue LED accents.


The Price: US$129.99 (US$99 Pre-order)

The Verdict: You may recall earlier versions of the Das Keyboard as a wacky typing aid with blank keys. Well, the third installment of the series is on its way, and this time the focus is on comfort, not gimmicks. As with the earlier versions, if you like an IBM Model M keyboard typing experience, you will love the Das Keyboard Professional. In other words, this keyboard provides a satisfying "click" sound with each keystroke and it has a very positive tactile feel. To be quite honest, it was one of the most comfortable keyboards I have ever typed on.

The Das Keyboard Professional also has a high-quality feel to it—like it is sturdy and well-made. Plus, the addition of n-key roll over (12 simultaneous key presses) and the two USB ports on the side will undoubtedly prove useful for gamers and serious typists. As for the blue LEDs, they are a nice touch I suppose, but they are more of an afterthought than anything else. In fact, my test unit did not even include them.

On the flipside, we are talking about a US$129.99 corded keyboard with no multimedia functions here—which is a tad expensive for a keyboard with what some may consider limited functionality (not to mention the fact that clicky keyboards are not for everyone). Still, I view the Das Keyboard Professional like a pair of expensive jeans that look like any other pair of jeans, but you wear them everyday because they fit you perfectly. If you are looking for a sturdy, comfortable keyboard that is big on accuracy, it may be worth the extra money. And if you hurry, the US$99 pre-order price is not entirely unreasonable (a blank version is also available). [Das Keyboard]

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