Lightning Review: iHome iH12BR iPod Alarm Cock

The Gadget: The iHome iH12, which is an iPod dock, alarm clock, AM/FM radio and stereo speakers all in one compact black box. The BR means it's black and it comes with a remote.

The Price: US$79


The face

The buttons

The rear

The Verdict: It works pretty much as expected. We went through loads and loads of iPod Docks in our iPod Dock Battlemodo last year and like the iHome iH52 speaker dock, we found this iH12 to be fairly bass heavy. That's not really a huge deal if you're using this as an alarm clock to wake up to, but if you're just relaxing in bed, you'll have to make some EQ adjustments to find the right bass setting you're comfortable with.

The alarm features are fine, even if the controls are slightly less intuitive than we'd like. The remote is useful for fiddling with it from across the room, and the unit even has a battery backup in case your power goes out. For US$79.99, it's a pretty great all-in-one iPod speaker and alarm clock combination that should work well in most bedrooms. If you want great sound quality in a set that you're going to use to listen to music more often, we'd recommend you get a separate unit to go with this. [iHome]

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