Last Minute Gadget Gifts For Rich Dads, Fun Dads and Deadbeat Dads

We are really getting down to the wire here as far as Father's Day gifts are concerned, but there is still hope for finding that perfect present for hard-to-shop-for Dads. So, let's dispense with the normal fare like ties, golfing equiptment and GPS units (although GPS units are cool). Get something unique this year that he will always remember. The following guide will show you how.

AU: Obviously, it isn't Father's Day here in Australia. But if I were a father, I'd still want some of these , even if it was just a random gift for the hell of it. Hint.

Rich Dads:

Rich Dads are probably the hardest category of Dads to shop for. I mean, what do you give the man who has everything? Here are a few unique suggestions:

The UR-202 Wristwatch: Besides looking completely awesome, the UR-202 features a unique winding system that is regulated by compressed air. The winding is controlled using miniature twin turbines and the level of air compression generated by these turbines can actually be altered using a 3-position selector switch. Pricing information has not been made available on the UR-202, but if you have to ask you probably can't afford it. [Urwerk via Link]

Crystal Foosball Table: Your rich father may have a lot of stuff, but I guarantee he does not have something as fun and frivolous as a crystal foosball table with aluminium players. Again, the sticker shock would be too high for normal folk, so expect to shell out some serious bucks for dear old Dad. [Teckell via Link]

The Craftsman Professional Tool Set: Sure your father has tools, but does he have EVERY tool? This Craftsman Collection comes with 1470 pieces—enough to keep him tinkering until the end of time. Available for US$7,619.90 (before shipping). [Sears]

Motion Pro II Racing Simulator: If your father likes fast cars, chances are he would love a top of the line racing simulator that can run you in excess of US$45,000 when you throw in extras like a panoramic screen, a six-speed gated shifter and custom bodywork. [CXC Simulations via Link]

Fun Dads

If your father has a sense of humour, the following gifts are sure to get a laugh:

Executive Ball Scratcher: What is the classy, executive gentleman to do when he has a very un-classy itch? This chrome plated ball scratcher is tough enough to do the dirty work, yet elegant enough to keep on a desk in plain view. Available for around US$11.36. [Find Me a Gift]

Beaver Stuffing Kit: Most guys love stuffing beavers, and as much as you don't want to think about it, your father probably does too. So, give him what he craves with this beaver stuffing kit. Available for around US$15 [Find Me a Gift]

Potty Putter: Golf balls may be a boring gift, but an entire putting system you can use from the comfort of your own toilet is another story entirely. Available for US$19.95. [Baron Bob]

Control a Woman Remote: With functions like "cook," "clean," "remove clothes," "stop nagging" and a breast enhancer / reduction dial, this novelty remote is sure to get laughs—but probably not from your mother. Available for around US$10. [Genie Gadgets]

Deadbeat Dads:

Let's face it, not everyone has a magical childhood because there are plenty of deadbeat Dads out there. If your father happens to be one of them, here are a few gifts that will tell him exactly how you feel:

Middle Finger Vibrator: This symbolic gift will tell him exactly where he can go and what he can do with himself. Available for US$39.99. [Sex Toy Party]

Bed Snake Bat: Actually, this is more of a gift for that strip club waitress that your father dumped your mother for. Tell her to keep it next to the bed. If a bed snake should bother her in the middle of the night, she can whack it up good. Available for around US$6. [Giftmonger]

Life-Sized Cardboard Policeman: This is the gift that will keep on giving. Put him on your father's doorstep, in front of his car, or just place it in his bedroom before the alarm goes off in the morning. Your father could go to jail for any number of reasons—it's all about keeping him on his toes. Available for US$30.79. [Incredible Gifts]

Nothing: When all else fails, you could always get him nothing. But instead of simply showing up empty handed, bring him a packaged version of nothing. It makes for a more powerful statement. Available for around US$7. [iwoot]

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