Is.a.Brella Wine-Bottle Umbrella Doesn't Contain Wine, Sadly

First I thought "ah... what a cute gimmick" about this Is.a.Brella thing, but then I realised the essential cleverness of the design. You're in a rush to get on the train on a rainy day: furl your Is.a.Brella, leap aboard, slide it into the bottle cover keeping it compact and tidy, and stop all those trapped raindrops from splashing onto people nearby. Neat, and pretty unusual looking too. So I get it... but what I don't get is the marketing-speak from the website, auto-translated by Google.

Grabbed the tip and pull, collapsible umbrella in the form of units. Hardcover looked like a bottle of enjoyment as well as the smooth opening and closing / wet umbrella on the receipt in the bag immediately and round, and also glad to have a Jacuzzi-whirlpool! Afterlife as a unique design is also recommended.

So... uh... if I use this thing I'll be happy to sit in a jacuzzi and contemplate the uniqueness of heaven? Wow. That's quite a sales pitch!
Anyway, the Is.a.Brella from Ofess is available in many colour combos for around US$27, but that's in Japan and there's no info on whether you can get it over here. [ and Impress]

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