Is That Iron Man's Voice Endorsing the iPhone?

Watching the iPhone commercial yesterday, I wondered if the mellifluous tones on the iPhone 3G ad belonged to Robert Downey Jr. I emailed Apple, but they weren't interested. So, I asked around in Campfire, our virtual office, if they thought it was Tony Stark. What do you lot reckon?

Video here.

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One of my workmates thought it was Generic VoiceoverMan™, while most were pretty sure it was Beardface. It wouldn't be surprising though, as Cupertino has used Richard Dreyfuss and Kermit on VO duty, as well as Jeff Goldblum (runs the Death Star?) and Will Ferrell.

Richard Dreyfuss spouts some unwholly guff about how utter, utter bastards who are more focused than a Sidewinder missile go on to change the world.

Kermit said it wasn't easy being green, sentiments that Apple shared, as it changed its multi-hued colorscheme to white PDQ. Shall I mention the damning accusations from the eco lobby as well? [Apple]

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