Inside Voodoo's Gorgeous Omen Gaming Desktop: Totally Tubular

Voodoo's Omen gaming desktop is the best-looking one around. But we (and gamers) care about inner beauty too, and the insides shot by Pocket Lint look like the Matrix's people farm with all of the magenta tubes and cables flying around—a far cry from its clean, steely exterior, though about as neat as one can expect of such an intricate cooling system. It's definitely designed around heat dissipation, though I'm not totally sold on the whole rotated motherboard.

Also, it doesn't look like you have a whole lot of maneuverability inside the case, at least from the pics—granted, if you're spending that kind of coin on a build-to-order PC, I don't know how much tooling around inside you'd be doing anyway. [Pocket Link]

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