In Denmark Even the Cops Are Made Out of LEGO

I just arrived in Billund, Denmark, where every single LEGO piece in the world is produced. I got to the Zzzzleep Hotel just now and, to my surprise, I found this sign on the wall outside even while the hotel is not associated with LEGO in any way: "LEGO Security." I guess that in LEGO city even the cops are little LEGO minifigs. Just a sign of what will happen tomorrow:

On Tuesday I'm getting an exclusive tour through their factory, and will also visit their idea house—where apparently every LEGO in history is stored. I will also talk with LEGO designers from the Mindstorm, Creator and Star Wars lines.

Yes, I know, it's an absolute nerdgasm coming up. Hopefully I will recover soon to post videos, photos and impressions right here in Giz. For now, I'm off to LEGOLAND to do exactly that (and buy some sets).

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