If You Buy an iPhone Off Craigslist for Really Cheap in a Dark Alley in a Shady Neighbourhood, You Will Get Mugged

And now, a Giz PSA: The iPhone 3G might have dealt a pretty solid blow to the value of a vanilla iPhone, but when you see an offer on Craigslist for a case of 10 iPhones for US$2,000 with a meetup in an isolated part of a shady neighbourhood, it might not be legit!

Tired of yuppy scum and their fruitphones, a bunch of scammers posted bulk cases of iPhones at deep discounts on Craigslist, luring hip grandfathers and yupsters alike to "desolate locations in Flatbush, East Flatbush and Flatlands" in NY. Upon arrival, they were mugged at gunpoint by the gang of four, who stole thousands of dollars from as many as 12 suckers victims before getting busted June 4 by undercover cops. Remember kids, the only legit discounts come from Apple, real iPhones from real people cost real scratch (for now, anyway). [NY Post]

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