HomeStar Spa Planetarium Takes Bath Time Out of This World

Taking a bath with me usually results in an out of this world experience of some kind or another, but for those of you who are too far away to experience such luxuries comes this bathtub planetarium sphere from Sega Toys. All you have to do is dim the lights and the HomeStar projects stars, underwater scenes, or even roses all over you, the walls, and whatever bath time companion followed you home that night. Hopefully it' E.T., and he feels right at home. And before you ask, the answer is yes, you could probably whip up a DIY model of this with a flashlight and a mirror, and save yourself 7,000 yen. There's no fun in that, though, and there's certainly no Japanese women in bath towels. Or E.T. [ImpressWatch via TokyoMango]

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