Gross Binaural Microphone is Clearly Missing a Face

Binaural sound recordings can be creepy enough, but knowing that they may have originated at this Otokinoko ear-mic might just make them unbearable. The concept of binaural microphones is elegantly simple: record sounds from the positions of human ears, creating the illusion of 3d sound at playback. This blue beast makes that concept very explicit, and like the binaural head mic before it, will rarely be able to record anything but people screaming "OH GOD WHAT IS THAT?" in glorious 3d. If that seems like something you might be interested in, the Otokinoko Binaural Mic is available now for US$3,899.

If this is all foreign to you, try out a few binaural recordings here, including the famous Virtual Haircut. They only work with headphones, but are definitely worth a listen.

[Japantrend via Engadget via BoingBoing]

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