Foldable Aeroplane Is Designed For Thrill-Seeking Wusses

The ICON A5 is a light sport aeroplane (LSA) designed for everyday people (who happen to have enough money for not only a second car but a first plane). Aside from the fact that an LSA takes less training to pilot, the A5 focuses on the little things that almost make the idea of owning a plane feasible—easier storage and death-free landings.

Because when the A5 isn't being flow around...wherever people fly these days...its wings can fold up (manually or automatically) for storage in a large garage—which makes a lot of sense for a plane that features a dash that more closely resembles a car than a jet.

But maybe the best part is that the A5 comes with a parachute for the whole plane. So if you are too nervous/inebriated to land, just let the wonder of cloth do the work for you, landing you safely on someone's roof (and subsequently their living room). Order yours today for a refundable US$5,000 deposit. [ICON via popmech]

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