Flex Mini from cRadia Is Smallest Ever Portable Laptop Fan

cRadia's portable laptop fan could be the perfect on-the-go solution for penis burn, something I have written about frequently on the Giz, despite never suffering from it. The Flex Mini is designed for any laptop between ten and 20 inches, and packs up into a small-ish little package for you to cart about in your manbag, or whatever it is you use to get your gear from A to B. What I like most about it is what it looks like when it's ready to use.

A flaked-out little man, legs akimbo (above right.) cRadia, who showed this off at Computex, is touting the Flex Mini as the smallest portable cooler ever. Let's hope they start exporting it as soon as is humanely possible. Less penis burn (or whatever the female equivalent is—minge singe? Apologies.) can only be a good thing. [cRadia via Aving USA]

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