Eddie Izzard Talks Steve Jobs, iPhone

In case you didn't know, English comedy genius Eddie Izzard is touring the US right now. Giz reader Daniel Eggert saw him last tuesday in Houston, a day after the WWDC08 keynote. Why mention the keynote? Well, to Daniel's surprise—and ours—Jeff Vader talked about none other than, you guessed it, Steve Jobs and the iPhone 3G.

I just uploaded a video clip I captured at Tuesday night's Eddie Izzard show here in Houston. He's off on a tangent of a tangent, discussing his never writing down material due to dyslexia, when he says "I wonder who DID name it dyslexia. hang on." and pulls his iPhone from his back pocket. He proceeds to search wikipedia and read from it and make jokes regarding the information on the wikipedia site for several minutes. Then jokes about Germany, then jokes about scrabble, then ... you get the picture.

This a few minutes after a sketch about cavemen and the stone age where he made several jokes about a Caveman named Steve adding GPS to rocks, making them move faster, and cutting the price in half.

[Thanks Daniel]

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