DIY Lightsaber Makes Attacking Whiny Jedi Nerds More Authentic

For those of us that saw footage of the drunken Darth Vader attack and found ourselves slightly disappointed by the... well... un-Star Wars-like nature of the Sith Lord's weapon, Instructables has a DIY kit to ensure that our next drunken rampage is truly worthy of the Dark Side.

The project, from Instructables user Ricardoaraujo, uses a normal toy lightsaber hilt, some AA batteries, a rubber hose and a couple of LEDs to build a weapon you'd be proud to kick Jedi arse with. Now all you need to do is knock back a couple too many Guinnesses and find some Obi Wan Kenobi-worshipping dork to smack around. Death by pretend lightsaber it shall be!
[ Instructables via Technabob]

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