Burnout Machine: Tire Smoking Action Without a Vehicle

The burnout has an appeal that only a car lovin', Nascar watchin' man could possibly explain. However, only Steven Laurie dared to eliminate the vehicle from the equation and bring the burnout to its essence...all in the name of art. The device he created looks something like a lawnmower sitting atop an axle, but it does manage to create some skid marks and smoke. The only problem is that the Burnout machine is fairly underwhelming when fired up, as you can see in the demo video below.

Laurie's obsession with motors is not confined to the burnout though. His exhibition entitled "Art of the Motor" also features devices that "replicate" the sound of muscle cars— like the Boom tube (basically a lawnmower engine with an exhaust attached) and "Wild Thing," which gives the same treatment to a chainsaw. [Station Gallery via Hack a Day]

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