$US500 AMP Music Droid Dances (And Looks) Like A Bot Outta Hell

Move over WALL-E, take a hike Rolly, Automated Music Personality—from Hasbro's Tiger Electronics and Sega Toys—has come to claim the throne of dancing robot music speakers once and for all.

Its Segway-esque legs dance to the beat of any MP3 player via 3.5mm jack, and its 49 LEDs stay shining like some kind of cybernetic Rhinestone Cowboy. The A.M.P. has touch-sensitive DJ scratching pads and 62 sound effects built in so you can spice up your songs with a little "wiki-wiki", and an IR sensor so he will follow you (and his remote) from room to room and keep the music playing in your direction.

Too bad the A.M.P. costs 500-f'ing-dollars, which won't even buy you a Li-ion battery, since you either plug the knee-high bot into the wall (huh?) or fill it full of D cells. What's this thing made of? SOLID GOLD? It sure dances like it. Bring the price down to US$99, and I will buy it. Available in October. [A.M.P., Gearlog]

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