Zvue Spirit MP3 Player Brings New Meaning To Patriotism

Sure, the iPod has marketshare...and what may prove to be a timeless style. But you know what kicks the crap out of that stuff? Patriotism. And nothing says "America" like red, white and blue along with a star-shaped control panel. And that's what the Zvue Spirit is ready to offer.

The Spirit stores 1GB of tunes, including 15 preloaded patriotic tracks like Lee Greenwood's God Bless The USA. At just 5cm x 3cm, it seems a little small for American Hummer-driving, Big-Gulp-drinking tastes. But who are we to ever question something that in some way almost resembles the American flag? Pre-order your Zvue Spirit today for US$35.99. [Zvue via anythingbutipod]

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