X-Files 2 Trailer Shows The Truth Is Hidden Somewhere In The Snow

As much as I love the X-files, I sort of have the feeling that this movie is roughly 10 years too late. I mean, the last few seasons sucked without Mulder, and Agent Doggett will always be a T-1000 to me. This movie sort of seems like it's just come out of the ether, unexplainably and without warning. Kind of like an X-File...

Okay, I'm excited again. On a side note, am I the only person who hates the fact that it costs $30 for two people to go to the movies these days? And especially at the moment - what with Iron Man, Batman, Wall-E, Star Wars - The Clone Wars, The Incredible Hulk and Indiana Jones, that's like... three... seven... carry the two... eleven... a lot of money.

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