Work For Gizmodo: Asia/Australia Editor Wanted

Hey you! Want to work for Gizmodo? We're still looking for an editor in Australia, Asia (Japan, China, Korea, Taiwan, India, etc.) or somewhere in the general region to work for us. We're still going through applications from our first call for submissions, so even if we turn you down expect an email back telling you so.

AU: Come on Aussies. Show the rest of the Asia Pacific we're better than them by working for the mothership. And in case there's any doubt, this is working for the US Gizmodo, not the AU version.

Blogging/Journalism experience is preferred, but not entirely required. You just need to possess a passion for both gadgets and writing, and have more than a cursory knowledge of both. That means your English needs to be GOOD. And if not good, then at the very least as lousy as ours.

Send emails to [email protected] with the subject "Asia/Australia Editor" with either three sample posts done in Gizmodo style (seriously, follow the template we have laid out), or a link to your current blog. Take your time with these so they best represent your writing ability. Also attach your resume and some information about yourself. It's a full-time gig, and you will be posting during normal hours (Asia/Australia's normal hours). Yes, you will be paid. It's a real job, even if we're in our underwear most of the time.

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