The Veldini Q Wristwatch Was Inspired By James Bond: And it Has the Spy Gadgets to Prove It

Even if eavesdropping on your co-worker's personal phone calls is the closest you will ever get to becoming a spy, a watch filled with spy gadgets is hard for any man to resist. Perhaps that is why Veldini plans on releasing at least 3 different models of their new "Q" James Bond inspired wristwatch. Each will feature its own set of tools geared towards a specific scenario: outdoor use, spy use, and everyday use.


The outdoor version will include a flat Phillips screwdriver, flint stick and combo edge blade while the spy version will utilise a diamond tip glass cutter, Phillips head screwdriver, lock pick, magnifying glass and a straight edge blade. Users interested in the everyday version will get a flat Phillips screwdriver, bottle opener, refillable pen, magnifying glass and a combo-edge blade. As an added touch, the design of the "Q" watch resembles the hammer mechanism of 007's Walther PPK pistol.

The watches are currently in pre-production and a timetable for their release has not yet been determined. However, expect to pay far out the arse to feel like James Bond—to the tune of $2-$3,000 for the sterling silver model, $5-$7000 for Gold or Rose Gold and $10-$15,000 for platinum. [Veldini via BornRich]

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