The Ultimate Geek Scooter: What, No Microwave?

One would think that owning a normal scooter outside of Europe would be geeky enough, but the guys behind this project simply were not satisfied with a run-of-the mill vehicle. In fact, they managed to cram a PC with a 1.2 GHz Mini-ITX motherboard, 1GB of RAM, a 2GB SSD, Bluetooth, and wireless internet into the frame along with a TV and radio tuner, 8" LCD touchscreen, GPS, web cam, system status monitor, a mobile PVR and even an electric guitar PC uplink.


In other words, you could be surfing the internet, making Skype calls, broadcasting your own pirate radio station, functioning as a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot, watching TV (and taping your favourite shows), checking your GPS and playing the guitar while you cruise down the road. Sounds like safe fun to me. If you want to get in on it, check back in on the project page. They are planing on posting detailed instructions on how to build one for yourself in the near future. [Project Page]

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