The Handler Tackles Germs So You Don't Have To


We've all had that moment. you know, where you're standing next to some guy in a urinal... You finish at the same time, and as you walk over to the sink to wash your hands, he storms straight to the door, opens it without a care in the world, and thankfully leaves your life forever. After you dry your hands you look at the door handle and it's wet. Eeeewwwww!

How to open the door now becomes an adventure in ingenuity. Can you use paper towel or toilet paper? How about your shoe? Do you wait for somebody else to come in? Or do you just suck it up and power out through the door, hoping to find the guy who essentially pissed on the door handle so you can pat him on the back of his expensive Armani suit to get your own payback?

None of the above, if you own a "Handler" keyring. It has a fold out arm that's (apparently) made with "microscopic nanoparticles" that kill 99 percent of germs on contact.

It's available in a selection of colours, too, so you can be relatively trendy while displaying the first signs of OCD. 

You can get yours from Rushfaster for just $14.95. And while I'm just a little bit sceptical, if it does protect you from inadvertantly eating somebody else's bodily waste after your next trip to the bathroom, I'm all for it.


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