The Coolest Internet Network Operation Centers

This is a shot of the interior of AT&T's Death Star, their stunning global network centre in Bedminster, New Jersey—where they work to suppress good wireless reception and run their Random Billing Generator. It looks more amazing than NASA's, but it's not the only cool network operation centre running the intarwebs, as you will see in the gallery. Updated: with specs on the Death Star in New Jersey after the jump.


Here you can see the network operation centres of Reliance Communications in India, Conexim in Australia, Lucent's Network Reliability Centre in Aurora, Colorado, and Akamai's NOC in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

AT&T's centre uses 141 giant wallboards to show the status of:

• 83,000 miles of fibre routes
• 538,000 miles of "backbone" fiber
• 47,000 cell sites serving 236 million people

This represents 14.5 petabytes of traffic every business day.

[Royal Pingdon]

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