The Biggest Drawing in The World: Created With the Help of GPS and DHL

I have to hand it to Erik Nordenankar and DHL for devising what has to be the most creative fusion of art and technology to date. The concept was simple but brilliant: place a GPS device in a briefcase and mail it via DHL with precise travel instructions over the course of a 55 day period. When all was said and done, the GPS data formed a virtual self-portrait of the artist that spread over 6 continents and 62 countries covering about 112,000 kms.

Apparently, the drawing was done as part of an advertising campaign for DHL—which explains why a briefcase that looks like a bomb managed to criss cross the world in an accurate manner. However, DHL does know a thing or two about taking long circuitous routes on their way to a destination, so this ad makes perfect sense. [Worlds Biggest Drawing via Hack a Day]

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