The Alphagrip Handheld PC is Ergonomically Insane

You may recognise Alphagrip from their bizarre line of handheld keyboard/trackball mouse hybrid controllers—but by the looks of their entry into Microsoft's Next Gen PC design competition, it appears that they are planning on taking things a step further by integrating a computer screen. The controller itself is basically a beefed-up version of their previous product—a design intended to maximize typing speed, conveniences and comfort.


However, it seems that the guys at Alphagrip have such a boner for ergonomic design that the screen itself seems like an afterthought. Seriously, the whole screen area irritates me—from the heart-shaped frame to the poorly placed controls flanking the display. For these reasons alone, I doubt highly that it will win the competition much less become an actual commercial product in this form. [Alphagrip via Next Gen PC via Techpin via Gearfuse]

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